Sacred Passages Death Doula Training

When we step onto the shamanic path of intentional Sacred Passages work,

All of the Universe and Nature conspire to help us so we can in turn help

our brothers and sisters.

As a Shamanic practitioner and certified Death Doula I share my life and death  experiences as a dreamtime spirit transition guide, death doula trainer and EOL care guide with ancient earth based “Dying to Live” practices in my Sacred Passages Death Doula Program. You will learn many of these time honored practices that have been used by shamans and wisdom keepers for centuries. In my unique death doula certification training, I like to weave my traditional EOL doula training and hospice experience the spiritual tools from my shaman lineage in death and journey practices. This way I deliver a dynamic, practical mystic approach to living an authentic life before and through the dying process. I have helped prepare the way for transitioning clients as well as EOL care providers since 2000 with my own signature conscious death meditations and lucid dream journeys from my Sacred Passages practice. 

So… What is a Death Doula?  Mostly, death doulas are caring individuals who mediate between the dying client with their loved ones, medical staff and hospice. Many western trained doulas attend bedside in all capacities so no one dies alone.

As an initiated shaman in death rites and ritual, dream yoga and sound healing, I found the Western method of EOL training lacking in what I experienced and believe are  essential ingredients for a Life Well Lived in preparation for an anticipated Transition from this life to our next best one.

Taking all that I learned including my EOL care experiences and own NDE’s,  I wove the western approach with my shaman work to create Sacred Passages Shamanic Death Doula Training.  It’s focus being: educating and sharing simple, effective practices to those interested in living a life that is free from pain and suffering; releasing earthly conditioning and traumas that weigh us down and create dis-ease. Having practices for a conscious death transition in place before we die brings life and death into balance, prepares us for our sacred passages throughout this life, our EOL and next life, especially when we have the practices in how to navigate the “In Between” worlds or Bardos.

As a Shamanic Death Doula practitioner, I will share shamanic-inspired exercises  with you so through your own experiences and continued practice will know first hand how to guide your community through many death and transition scenarios.

Through my hospice work experience, personal NDE’s, shamanic work and journeys, I have become acquainted with and verified many of the places where our spirit may end up; the in between places of here and now. Through extensive shamanic training I have experienced how to navigate from this world through portals to places of ultimate departure. Journaling and mapping out these in between places have provided shamans throughout the centuries with invaluable help and information from their transition spirit guides and teachers— I share these mapping meditation techniques in my Sacred Passages Shamanic Death Doula training.

This is a unique certification program for those who are called to an alternative approach to EOL care with practices rich in dream work, creative visualization meditations, trauma and grief somatic release methods and sound healing practices cultivated throughout lifetimes. Sacred Passages Shamanic Death Doula Certification (SPSDD) is designed for midwives, EOL caregivers, hospice workers, nurses, doctors, therapists and students who want to learn how to die while living a beautiful life.

Sacred Passages Shamanic Death Doula Certification Training is 30-60 hour program and begins when you feel called to do The Work and are ready to commit to this heart path of serving humanity as a guide through the sacred stages in this lifetime to next.

I would love to hear from you if this is your heart calling!

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*online and in person*

Many of us are hungry for rituals and practices to help serve those who are about to make their Sacred Passage or great departure from this time and space reality from the earth plane. Many of the friends and relatives of the departing and departed crave confirmation that their loved ones are at peace or are still “around” for contact —and that it is really them.

In my Sacred Passages Shamanic Death Doula Training, you will:

  • Learn how to connect with the other planes of this world and multi-verse and find valuable tools to help others to prepare for their Great Departure.

  • Experience and train in somatic trauma release practices.

  • Access guidance from the cosmic wide web to share with your clients for healing and forgiveness. 

  • Learn and experience ancient shamanic practices and rituals that repair past and future events in your life as well as your clients, community and ancestors.

  • Heal yourself [ and help others to heal]  through forgiveness practices.

  • Learn EOL Practices and Rites and Rituals of Passage.

  • Create, learn and practice beautiful soul doula passage practices 

Online Sacred Passages EOL Doula Program for 2022

The 30 hr training program is divided up into weekly Zoom classes.

Private online classes are customized to meet your scheduling needs and time zone.

In-person classes are available for local residents and Study and Stay* SP EOL Doula participants.

Cost of Sacred Passages Death Doula Certification program is $1900 USD.   

*In-Person Study and Stay at Kamala Cove, NC additional cost per night.

Each monthly module includes weekly online classes.  Private Zoom online classes are customized to fit out of state & international students schedule needs so day and time to be determined before registration. Online Groups limited to 11 students.

Called to lead a study group? Learning and Practicing with a community of friends and peers is fun and rewarding.  IF you are motivated in shepherding a local death doula training group to study with me, please email me and I will share the details and benefits.

Online Zoom classes consist of part lecture, discussion and guided practices. There is suggested homework,  learning videos, audio files and educational reading material links.

Upon Program completion, a 30 hr practicum is recommended for gaining experience and credibility. 30 hr practicum is required for YACEP accredited continuing education units but optional for those who want to take this program for personal growth and advancement.

I offer an affordable and practical way to learn shamanic elements and practices that will enrich your role as a hospice provider, grief counselor, death doula and afterlife transition guide. Sharing her life and death experiences and practices will encourage you to grow and deepen your current End of Life practices and / or develop a complimentary area of healing for your life work practice.

Sacred Passages Death Doula Certification (SPDD) is designed for midwives, EOL caregivers, hospice workers, nurses, doctors, therapists and students who want to learn how to die while living a beautiful life.

Program begins with Shamanic Dream and Yogic Sound healing Practices for aspiring death doulas, covering many rituals and practices for forgiveness to clear, clean and make ready your spiritual house so you can help others before their time of departure. We will learn death rituals and practices to heal ancestral traumas, blood lineages and honor our loved ones and descendants.

Program includes practical applications, meditations and creative visualizations to live a fuller life. 

Program continues with Let GO Somatic Release Yoga: an effective somatic, sonic and shamanic practices to release trauma and anxieties and other mental constructs that weigh us down materially to this earth plane. Let GO Yoga helps to lighten the load ensuring a smooth transition process through any of life’s Sacred Passages.

After 30 hour program and 30 hr practicum is completed you will receive a certificate of completion and YACEP accreditation.

No certification or practicum required to take my program as a self-care practice!

Cost for Sacred Passages EOL Doula Training 

$1900 USD for EOL Doula program. Please email me to state your intentions to become a Sacred Passages Death Doula or for any additional questions you may have.

Sacred Passages EOL Doula Certificate with the completion of program and practicum.

Send Payment of $1900 USD: