With the current overwhelming interest in Sound as a healing modality

and the many instruments that are available today, many interested

clients and friends in the healing arts community urged them to offer

training in their unique sound healing performance style so they too

might learn how to facilitate sound meditation sessions with seamless

confidence and musical credibility.

Billy and Linda recognized the need for practical classes designed

specifically for instruments used for sound healing performance rather than

just supplying students with purely academic information. No prior

experience necessary to learn, experience and share how sound


As Asheville Sound Healing, they have created 7 unique Sound Healing

Certification Training Programs. Each level of training is just 10 hours a

month, ZOOM online and in person, formatted perfectly for the professional

sound practitioner as well as yoga teachers, therapists and those who

desire training in presenting sound journey meditations as well as

therapeutic wellness sessions for individual clients.

Sound Healing Certification classes have a limited enrollment to guarantee

that every student receives maximum personal instruction and guidance.

An in-person practicum with Billy and Linda in Asheville, NC is included in

each 10 hour program certification. IF you would like to take the programs

but not the certification practicum, that is fine, too!

To register for Level One July training, call Billy at # 828-768-

2826 Level One is an accredited 10 hr program—–$400

tuition [ instruments are not included in tuition cost ].

Asheville Sound Healing’s certification program is designed for all

levels of practitioners, musicians and non-musicians alike. No prior

experience necessary to learn and experience how sound heals!

Students will

• Explore a large variety of instruments and techniques with Billy and Linda,

master teachers and professional experts in the healing field of sound.

• FInd Asheville Sound Healing’s Multi-Level Certification Programs will introduce

you to high quality sound healing instruments and practices in an easy to follow

performance format you can use as is or help you to develop on your own.

• Perfect for all levels of experience, where the novice to the seasoned sound

healer learns ways to access the power of sound from within.

• Learn to connect to your own unique expression through creative sound healing

performance training.

• Understand from guided practices how sound works through your own


• Follow musical practices developed from years of experience to reduce stress

and create opportunity for healing

• Learn the fundamentals of skillful performance in sound facilitation in any space

with groups or individuals.

• No prior experience necessary to learn and experience how sound heals!

What makes this online program totally unique is its economy

and style: Study wherever you are and whenever you want !

At the end of each training, you will know how to present a tried and

true professionally and intuitively composed sound bath meditation

with 3-5 user friendly instruments plus vocals. Beautiful sound healing

performance guidelines from a seasoned teaching staff will get you

started in your own sound healing practice with confidence and quality

results. You can take one or more trainings— beginning July 6, 2021.

About Asheville Sound Healing.com

First conceived in 2005 by healing sound practitioners/musicians, Linda Go and Billy Zanski.

It was one of the first websites in the US to offer information on chakras and sound healing

programs. For over two decades, Linda and Billy have facilitated therapeutic sound

journeys , restoratives and meditations as well as performed sound healing concerts with

varied percussion, crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs and handpans, didgeridoo and flutes,

vocals and specialized instruments, such as the monochord, that continue to emerge for

sound healing artists.

In 2006, Billy opened Skinny Beats Sound Shop in Asheville, NC where he and Linda invited

the general public to group sound journey meditations, the first ever in the Southeast. As

Asheville grew in popularity as a healing arts destination, their group sound meditation

sessions grew in popularity. Their inner relationship with healing, music and the instruments

that emerged for sound practitioners, helped them to become ‘tuned in’ to the ancient art and

healing science of sound.

To this day, Skinny Beats Sound Shop continues to offer the world’s finest sound healing

instruments to its ever evolving inventory, weekly sound healing sessions to the public as well

as private sound baths for individuals, groups and organizations who appreciate the benefits

of sound for relaxation, meditation, and wellness.

Register at #828 -768-2826 Tuition Cost $400 Instruments not included 10 YACEP credits

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